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What is a Social Security Application Form?

Identification is very important when you live within the jurisdiction of any country's borders. To live freely, it is advised to be updated with your identification documents. Being a citizen of the United States, you must provide details of your earnings. Thus, a Social Security Number is a necessity if you are currently residing in the US.

The Social Security SS-5 form is the official approach to applying for a Social Security Number. The associated form is a comprehensive document with all the necessary details for a Social Security Number. As it is a governmental-endorsed form, the legal system acknowledges the use of this application for managing the old and new Social Security numbers.

Information Required on a Social Security Application form

The Social Security Application form is a very coherent application, designed with the government's endorsement. The information that is included within the form and required to fill one is quite detailed. Before filling out the form, you need to be aware of the details necessary in a Social Security SS-5 form.

  • Users filing for an original Social Security card need to add in different evidence documents within their application. It includes proof of age, identity, and citizenship. Immigrants and non-residents are required to have the necessary authority clearance.
  • If it is a replacement card, the form requires only one evidence document with the application. A similar policy exists for non-residents and immigrants, which is the evidence of clearance documents from the respective authorities.
  • Name, gender, previous Social Security Number (if any), place, and date of birth.
  • Current status of citizenship, ethnicity, and race.
  • Details about any parent and their Social Security Number.
  • Date of filing application, and daytime phone number.
  • Mailing address and signature of the applicant.

How to Fill Out a Social Security Application Form?

The process of filling out a Social Security SS-5 form is straightforward. Although it is a very significant application that is quite delicate to handle, it is still comprehensive for users. When someone is considering filling out the application for getting a new Social Security Number or have it replaced, they need to follow the steps as follows:

Step 1: Attach all the important evidence required to prove the age, identity, and citizenship.

Step 2: Write in your name that is to be shown on the card, your birth name, and other names used. Provide the past SSN only if you have previously filed for this application.

social security ss5 form

Step 3: Add in the place of birth along with your birth date. Use the appropriate checkbox for specifying your status of citizenship.

social security ss5 form

Step 4: Check the appropriate boxes for your ethnicity, race, and gender.

Step 5: Provide complete information about your parents, with their name and SSN attached.

Step 6: If the applicant has previously filed for an SSN, they are advised to provide appropriate details with the name and date of birth, if different across the earlier application.

social security ss5 form

Step 7: Provide the real-time date, phone number, mailing address, and official signature across the form.

What is a Social Security Application Used For?

There are three general and basic uses of the Social Security SS-5 form. Since it is an official government document, three operations can be performed with this application.

  • Apply for an original Social Security card for the first time.
  • Replace your Social Security card.
  • Change or correct identity information within the Social Security number record.

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